Nate, Nikki and Jess circa 2010

Nate, Nikki and Jess circa 2010

Since its inception in 2010, Springwood Productions has transformed from a small college group into a fully functioning, artist-driven production company that has worked with hundreds of artists across the globe.

In 2012, the Springwood team began to prioritize their involvement with the company as it became less of a professional hobby, and focused more on developing a fully-realized business. That same year, Springwood signed a deal with Reverbnation and Summerfest, offering to create an official, full-narrative music video, which would serve as a week-long feature on the home page of ReverbNation. That deal also earned Springwood the opportunity to film one of the largest stages during the opening day of Summerfest, recording the chosen winner of the “Expose Yourself Contest.” The Springwood team reviewed over 6,000 submissions individually before they decided on the winner.

Moving forward, Springwood Productions had to make a decision: expand to create business-related videos, or to stay within their niche market  by remaining to produce videos within the music industry. With each member of crew having an extensive background in music, Springwood Productions chose the latter, and has remained true to character ever since.

Springwood Productions was founded by Jessica Garcia with the help of Nikki Priest and Nate Elliott, who were key players in the early days, while Springwood was transitioning from a college group into a professional company. Jess continues to play a hands-on role in every step of Springwood’s work. In [year] Jon Garcia joined Springwood as a videographer, and continues to play an important role as Springwood’s Principal Editor. As Springwood has expanded, we have been able to offer more services, and in [year] we founded Springwood Studios, our music recording branch, run by  Dan Weinel. Throughout the years, the Springwood team has changed as the company has changed, but one thing has remained constant — the artistry.

Springwood Productions remains true to our goal by focusing on the music industry, helping other artists’ stories come to life. Each member of the Springwood Productions team has a background in music, which helps us better relate to our clients. Springwood Productions has something that no other production company has — a personalized investment in our clients’ work. We make sure to remain genuine and honest with our clients, ensuring that we are able to help create content that truly speaks to our clients’ vision. Because of our extensive network, if a client wants to do something that we haven’t yet done done, Springwood Productions will partner with other people with the necessary skills to ensure that our clients have the most experienced people working on their project.
After establishing a reputation along the East Coast, Springwood Productions focused on branching out, and has since become an active part of the music industry in different ways. While we specialize in creating unique, high-quality music videosElectronic Press Kit videospromotional videosbehind-the-scenes videos, and any other music-related videos, we’re always excited to take on new or different projects, to which we commit the same level of effort and dedication. Springwood Productions regularly attends, films, and presents at several music conferences annually, including LAUNCH Music FestivalMillennium Music Conference, and the Cape May Singer-Songwriter Festival. We have filmed product videos for companies like sE ElectronicsVic FirthHendrix Drums, and 1710 Percussion, which showcase their products for potential buyers. Springwood Productions has also filmed several promotional videos for studios, vocal coaches, artists, upcoming shows, and more. We have worked with artists like Adam Gray from Texas In July, Matt Greiner from August Burns Red, and several voice contestants including Christina Grimme, Nellys Echo, Jocelyn Faro, and Austin Ellis. Springwood Productions is known for working with many different kinds of artists from all over the world with varying cultures, personal styles, budgets, and ideas. There is truly nothing that we can’t do.

In the future, Springwood Productions hopes to branch out even more and get involved with other unique artists, to expand the network of Springwood clients across the world, and to push ourselves to go where we haven’t gone before. We’re committed to changing with our clients and staying up-to-date with new trends and new technology so that we can create exceptional content for our clients for years to come.