Our Story

Since its inception in 2010, Springwood Productions has transformed from a small college group into a fully functioning, artist-driven production company that has worked with hundreds of artists across the globe.

In 2012, the Springwood team began to prioritize their involvement with the company as it became less of a professional hobby, and focused more on developing a fully-realized business. That same year, Springwood signed a deal with Reverbnation and Summerfest, offering to create an official, full-narrative music video, which would serve as a week-long feature on the home page of ReverbNation. That deal also earned Springwood the opportunity to film one of the largest stages during the opening day of Summerfest, recording the chosen winner of the “Expose Yourself Contest.” The Springwood team reviewed over 6,000 submissions individually before they decided on the winner.

Moving forward, Springwood Productions had to make a decision: expand to create business-related videos, or to stay within their niche market  by remaining to produce videos within the music industry. With each member of crew having an extensive background in music, Springwood Productions chose the latter, and has remained true to character ever since.

Springwood Productions was founded by Jessica Garcia with the help of Nikki Priest and Nate Elliott, who were key players in the early days, while Springwood was transitioning from a college group into a professional company. Jess continues to play a hands-on role in every step of Springwood’s work. In [year] Jon Garcia joined Springwood as a videographer, and continues to play an important role as Springwood’s Principal Editor. As Springwood has expanded, we have been able to offer more services, and in [year] we founded Springwood Studios, our music recording branch, run by  Dan Weinel. Throughout the years, the Springwood team has changed as the company has changed, but one thing has remained constant — the artistry.

Springwood Productions remains true to our goal by focusing on the music industry, helping other artists’ stories come to life. Each member of the Springwood Productions team has a background in music, which helps us better relate to our clients. Springwood Productions has something that no other production company has — a personalized investment in our clients’ work. We make sure to remain genuine and honest with our clients, ensuring that we are able to help create content that truly speaks to our clients’ vision. Because of our extensive network, if a client wants to do something that we haven’t yet done done, Springwood Productions will partner with other people with the necessary skills to ensure that our clients have the most experienced people working on their project.
After establishing a reputation along the East Coast, Springwood Productions focused on branching out, and has since become an active part of the music industry in different ways. While we specialize in creating unique, high-quality music videosElectronic Press Kit videospromotional videosbehind-the-scenes videos, and any other music-related videos, we’re always excited to take on new or different projects, to which we commit the same level of effort and dedication. Springwood Productions regularly attends, films, and presents at several music conferences annually, including LAUNCH Music FestivalMillennium Music Conference, and the Cape May Singer-Songwriter Festival. We have filmed product videos for companies like sE ElectronicsVic FirthHendrix Drums, and 1710 Percussion, which showcase their products for potential buyers. Springwood Productions has also filmed several promotional videos for studios, vocal coaches, artists, upcoming shows, and more. We have worked with artists like Adam Gray from Texas In July, Matt Greiner from August Burns Red, and several voice contestants including Christina Grimme, Nellys Echo, Jocelyn Faro, and Austin Ellis. Springwood Productions is known for working with many different kinds of artists from all over the world with varying cultures, personal styles, budgets, and ideas. There is truly nothing that we can’t do.

In the future, Springwood Productions hopes to branch out even more and get involved with other unique artists, to expand the network of Springwood clients across the world, and to push ourselves to go where we haven’t gone before. We’re committed to changing with our clients and staying up-to-date with new trends and new technology so that we can create exceptional content for our clients for years to come.

Meet The Crew: Jon Garcia

Jon Garcia- Lead Editor/Videographer


Jon Garcia was raised in Glendale, California with his sister, Jessica, and has shared many of the same experiences growing up. With a mother who was passionately involved in music, Jon fell into music himself, and has always known music to be a driving force in his life. His family moved to Maryland when he was ten, and his family quickly got involved with the worship team at their new church, which gave his family a constant musical outlet. Though he was involved in several jobs before Springwood Productions, nothing gave him the same satisfaction that Springwood did, as he longed for more opportunities to be creative.
In 2012 Jessica called Jon, asking him to get involved with Springwood Productions’ work by filming the Gable Music Ventures’ Wilmo Rock Circus. Jon was unexpectedly handed a camera and began filming. He quickly discovered that this was something that he was good at, and something that he enjoyed doing. He continued to work for Springwood, and helped to put together Springwood’s first highlight reel. Jon never imagined that he would be working in video, but he fell into it at the right time and grew to love everything about it – from the filming to the editing, he sees his work as art, cultivating an image that he can be proud of. He likes to push himself, and loves to stay motivated by “never being satisfied,” meaning that he’s always looking for new ways to do things, and new ways to perfect his work.
He currently serves as the Lead Editor for Springwood Productions, and is the lead singer in his band, Jon Garcia & The Hopeless Romantics. Jon grew up in a singing household and when he began to learn guitar, it was an organic musical development, and he always wanted to start a band. He got serious about writing music in 2012, and his band formed in 2015. While he writes music freely, he still views his involvement with Springwood as an overhead parent, guiding him along. The future is a mystery for Jon, as he never expected to be doing what he’s doing now, but he makes sure to treat every opportunity as if it were the Grammys, and he wants to continue to be satisfied by “never being satisfied.”

Meet The Crew: Dan Weinel

Dan Weinel- Springwood Studios Partner


Dan Weinel was born in Baltimore and raised in Bel Air, Maryland. As a student at the Baltimore Lutheran School, he was always very involved in school sports teams and music programs. He was always interested in Photography, and liked being able to capture a moment in time. His musical involvement began early in elementary school, and he later self-taught himself guitar. He was in several bands in High School, but wanted to record an album for one of them, so when he began to record, he fell in love with it, and knew that he wanted to go to school for it.

Dan attended Lebanon Valley College because of its strong music recording program, to play lacrosse, and to follow his Grandfather, who graduated from Lebanon Valley College in 1958. He met Jess before college while he was recording an album with his friends, and kept in touch throughout his college years, sending her mixes and hanging out at Springwood shoots. He eventually bought a camera, and worked persistently to get on set, and earned a spot on the Springwood team. He volunteered to record an album for Jon Garcia, and that relationship morphed and developed into an emphasis on Springwood’s audio side.

Dan formed Springwood Studios as a branch of Springwood Productions, as a means to focus on audio development that could both stand as an individual company, and compliment Springwood Production’s visual projects. While he still has a strong hand in the visual production aspect of Springwood’s inner workings, the audio production is where he specializes. He would like to see more songs go through the Springwood development team – going from songwriting to a fully produced song, with a complementary music video. He and Jess Garcia help on both branches of Springwood, as a creative exchange that helps them both work harder and more creatively. Working with Springwood allowed Dan to work with August Burns Red, a band that was influential for him growing up. He is now the bassist and a vocalist in Jon Garcia’s band, Jon Garcia & The Hopeless Romantics, and enjoys being able to play music regularly. In the Future Dan wants to be able to travel and experience new things, which he has been able to do more with the Limitless Jeep Tour - a series of traveling and off-roading excursions shared by several proud Jeep owners.

Meet The Crew: Jess Garcia

Jess Garcia-CEO/Founder


Jessica Garcia was born in Glendale, California, and always had a passion for music. Growing up in the Garcia household meant growing up with music - it was in their blood. Her mother was a musician, and her family was routinely involved with their church’s worship group. That tradition of music continued after her family moved to Maryland when Jess was 12. Her continued involvement with her worship group taught her about music production at a young age, giving her experience with sound engineering that would stay with her throughout her adolescence. Though her personal life hasn’t always been easy, she overcame a number of hard times and distractions, which caused her to develop a strong sense of responsibility, and a determined work-ethic as a result.

Going to college, Jess was originally enrolled as a nursing student, but took an electronic music course, which solidified her passion for music production. She continued to study music recording, and changed to a vocal performance major, graduating with a 4.0 GPA. While in college, one of her professors offered to help her enroll in an audio/visual class to learn more about other technologies other than those centered around music recording, and she immediately fell in love. She continued to develop her skills behind the camera, and was involved in several projects that helped her develop her skills as a writer, director, and producer. While making a film for one of those college classes, Jess decided to take the project process even further, and founded Springwood Productions.

After college, Jess had a job with an AV company, before leaving to dedicate her full efforts to the development of Springwood Productions. She was also in bands and was doing singer-songwriter work until Springwood picked up, which caused her to stray from making music. But everything comes full circle, and through Springwood, she was able to rediscover music in a completely different way. Founding Springwood Productions showed her that there are no limits to what she is able to do.

Jess has been able to build a network of friends and partners who work together to create quality content with Springwood Productions. She has been around the world on a number of different jobs, working with people that she looked up to when she was younger, and putting out work that was up to par with their work. She has filmed for several television shows such as Impractical Jokers and Nitro Circus. Her work has taken her to China, Ethiopia, and all across the the United States, from California to New York, and all along the eastern seaboard, filming for Springwood, and for other projects. She has won several independent film awards, and was even chosen out of hundreds of cinematographers to lead a retreat of videographers and entrepreneurs to The Bahama Islands. Springwood Productions has opened so many doors for Jess, and she’s not done yet.

Jess frequently speaks at conferences, schools, and festivals about subjects in her field, or about subjects that are otherwise important to her. Springwood Productions has given her a platform to talk not only about her experience in the fields of videography and entrepreneurship, but also about issues that women face in the music industry, and issues that the LGBTQ+ community faces. While coming out was a hurdle in her life, music helped Jess discover how open and accepting people are, and her goal has since been to inspire people in the same vein. She wouldn’t be able to do any of this without the foundational support of her beautiful wife Erica who pushes her to be more open and accepting of herself and her work.  Being her own boss, Jess is able to dip her feet in many ponds, doing anything that her heart calls for, and she hopes to continue to make amazing work that inspires people for years to come.